14 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many Hungry Hearts?

14 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many Hungry Hearts

If you are throwing a pizza party and wondering 14 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many? How much pizza to order? Well, we got you covered. We know the struggles as it is always a tricky part. Many people need help calculating pizza slices. Likewise, understanding the tastes of your guests is also an essential factor when deciding the correct quantity of pizza to order.

Short and Quick Answer

Although slice sizes vary from restaurant to pizzeria and there is no standard sizing, a 14-inch pizza serves 3-5 people on average.

However, The count of slices varies for each pizza brand. Thus making the correct order more challenging.

Feeling confused before you order a 14-inch pizza? We have got your back; read along our guide to learn your pizza order quantity.

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14 Inch Pizza Feeds How Many People?

Generally, a 14-inch pizza measures about 154 square inches: it is 1.4 times the size of a 12-inch pizza. However, this is a different size, as each pizza chain has its measures and slices.

If we do simple math, the usual size of a 14-inch pizza measures a radius of 7 inches with a circumference of 44 inches. However, Brooklyn-style pizza chains offer large size slices. Likewise, some local chains trick your taste buds by delivering 12-inch sizes at the price of 14-inch.

Therefore, it is a subjective answer to how many people can feed on a 14-inch pizza, but based on experience, we can safely say that about 3-5 people can feast on a 14-inch pizza.

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Pizza Order Quantity

The question remains: how much pizza should you order and 14 inch pizza feeds how many? Let us keep it simple and start with a basic understanding. Here’s how to collect the right pizza amount.

  • Understanding Slices

The number of slices on each pizza is one of the deciding factors. On average, a pizza has the below-mentioned number of pieces.

  • 6 slices per small (8-10 inch) pizza
  • 8 slices per medium (12-inch) pizza
  • 10 slices per large (14-inch) pizza
  • 12 slices per extra-large (16-18 inch) pizza

However, always talk to your preferred pizza restaurant to confirm the number of slices. It will help to decide your order better.

  • Understanding Sizes

Like slice sizes, knowing the total size of the pizza is also pivotal in making an order decision. Therefore, the following are details of different sizes of pizza.

  • The 10-inch pizza is 78.54 square inches
  • The 12-inch pizza is 113.10 square inches
  • The 14-inch pizza is 153.94 square inches
  • The 16-inch pizza is 201.06 square inches
  • The 18-inch pizza is 254.47 square inches
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The Pizza Formula

14 inch pizza feeds how many guests? Let us answer this question by doing math. It will clear all ambiguities as this formula becomes valid in most scenarios.

P=3a/8 where p is the number of pizzas, a is the number of guests.

Here’s an example. Imagine you have invited 50 guests. By applying this formula, you will need to order 19 pizzas.

Although this formula is good in most cases, you must consider adding one or two extra pizzas to avoid embarrassment.

The following table shows 14 inch pizza feeds how many guests? We have applied the above-mentioned formula to calculate the correct pizza quantity.

14 inch pizza feeds how many guests?Pizza Needed

14 Inch Pizza Calories Count 

Pizza lovers are okay with filling their empty bellies with pizza. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember how many calories you will take while enjoying a 14-inch pizza.

However, it is a mystery to precisely predict the total calorie intake as each pizza has different ingredients.

On Average

On average, a 14-inch pizza carries 200-400 calories per slice.

Moreover, larger slices are rich in protein, carbohydrates, and protein. One of the downsides is that it is high in sodium and saturated fats, which are unsuitable for your body.

Likewise, cheese and toppings are the primary sources of calorie count, and some studies suggest that toppings contribute 60% of the calorie count. The best start to keep your calorie intake is to consult your dietician.

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Tips to Order 14 Inch Pizza

If you again need to order the correct quantity and run short of pizza or order one pizza too many, here are some tips enabling you to order the right amount for the next gathering.

  • 14 inch pizza feeds how many guests? – Number of Guests

Research suggests that the average American consumes 27 pounds of pizza in a year; this gives an idea about your next order size. So, the thumb rule is that adults consume 2-3 slices of pizza, while kids take 1-2 pieces.

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For instance, if you expect 20 guests, 40 servings (20*2). Now divide 40 by how many slices you plan to cut, say 10. A result of 4 would imply your pizza ordering quantity.

However, always keep a room for extra, as you never know how much pizza your guests will enjoy.

  • Style of Pizza

14-inch pizza feeds how many guests it also depends on the pizza style. Pizza style will also alter your order since you have to decide upon the crust types and other topping styles. Moreover, taste is another crucial factor that undermines your decision.

Here are some of the popular side decisions.

  • Thin crust is a crispy crust with a squeaky outer line and goes well with other toppings.
  • A deep-dish pizza has a thick crust and can satisfy your hunger.
  • The stuffed crust comes with classic outer toppings.
  • Flatbread goes flat and crispy, thus allowing your guests to enjoy side dishes.
  • Gluten-free is perfect for guests who carry dietary restrictions.
  • Extra Toppings

Another critical decision while ordering pizza is to select toppings. Since you are expecting a large gathering, we recommend ordering all types of toppings; the famous ones include cheese, sausage, pepperoni, or bacon.

Moreover, mixing crust types and toppings will add an extra layer of taste to your order.

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Pizza Ordering Hacks

It would help if you adopt specific strategies to make the most out of your order. Therefore, we have created pizza ordering hacks to offer full value for money and make your pizza party less expensive.

  • Order the Largest size: Although the largest size on any pizza chain will cost you the maximum, it will cost you less than per slice. Therefore, ordering the largest is the better option for a large party.
  • Look for deals: Pizza shops offer specific deals, discounts, and coupons. Hence, keep an eye on such offers to maximize your gains. Moreover, a few chains also have loyalty offers, which can save you money.
  • Self-pick: Most pizza deliveries charge a premium while making home deliveries; you have to pay riders a tip. Therefore, it is advisable to arrange a self-pick. Moreover, home deliveries usually take longer than self-pick.
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Pizza Ordering Details

The correct estimation of 14-inch pizza feeds how many guests require time and depends on numerous factors. Therefore, you must consider pizza size, number of slices, guests, and their appetite.

However, you can manage a perfect pizza party by asking yourself the below questions.

  • What is the pizza size I am going to order?
  • How many guests are coming over to eat pizza?
  • How many of the invitees are kids and adults?
  • Is pizza the only item?
  • How many slices will each person consume?
  • What is my plan for the leftovers?

These questions will enable you to make a better plan for your party. Moreover, answering these questions allows you to manage your food and keep your guests happy without wasting much food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many servings in a 14-inch pizza?

Based on research and experience, a 14-inch pizza can serve four people. It is sufficient for five people if you are having a light meal or feeding children. However, if your friends are moody or the pizza is delicious, the serving may be reduced to 3 persons. But on average, it is sufficient for four people.

Do 14-inch pizzas fit in a standard-size oven?

Yes! A 14-inch pizza can easily fit in a standard-size oven. Therefore, it is one of the best options for large-size parties, as you can warm it in your kitchen. However, extra-large pizzas generally do not fit in a standard-size oven.

Can I bake a 14-inch pizza at home?

The usually recommended size for home-baking pizza is 12 inches. However, you can try baking a 14-inch pizza if you are a pro. Since 14-inch is a large size to manage, beginners are generally good at small-size pizzas.

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Final Thoughts

Gathering friends and families at the party and wondering, 14 inch pizza feeds how many people? We discovered that 14 inches is one of the best sizes to order if you are planning a big party. Generally, a 14-inch pizza serves four to five persons at the most.

Moreover, on average, a person eats three slices; you can easily calculate your order quantity by consumption formula, as a 14-inch pizza usually has ten pieces. Thus, you now know the answer to query 14 inch pizza feeds how many persons.

Please leave feedback in the comments section and share your experience ordering serving pizzas.

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