How Many Slices Are In A Small Pizza?

How Many Slices Are In A Small Pizza? -What Size Pizzas, Should I Order

Families and friends alike look forward to large pizza to order because it brings people together and fills hunger pangs. But before you call up your local pizzeria and want to order, it’s important to figure out how much you need and How Many Slices Are In A Small Pizza? – especially if pizza is the main course. 

Moreover, the slice count can vary when it comes to small pizzas. So, how many slices are in a small pizza? It’s simple: A small pizza typically has 6-8 slices. Most pizzerias cut their small pizzas into six slices. However, some may cut a small pizza into eight slices, the small ones for sure.

Do You Know?

The number of slices is determined by the diameter – a small pizza generally ranges from 10-12 inches wide.

Therefore, six generous slices are easier to manage for smaller groups. Meanwhile, 8 smaller slices allow more customization of toppings and pieces per person when feeding a larger crowd.

Now that you know how much you can get from a small pizza, you can confidently order your favorite pizza for any occasion. Are you worried about whether you can have 12 slices out of a small pizza or not? Let’s dive deep and figure out how many pizzas you need to order if the size is small.

Know How Many Slices Are In A Small Pizza?: A Simple Formula to Pizza Per Person

When planning a party or satisfying your pizza cravings, knowing how many slices you can expect from a small pizza is essential. The number count also depends upon the type of pizza you’re ordering. If you order an extra-large pizza, you should not worry about the number of slices of pizza. 

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But what about the days when your budget is tight?  You must know how to cut a small size pizza to the required number of slices. By understanding the various factors that affect the small pizza slice count puzzle, you can make accurate estimates of how many tasty slices can be made from different pizza sizes and combinations.

Slice Signature of Standard Smalls

A standard small cheese or pepperoni pizza serves as the baseline, typically providing around 6 slices on average. In other words, these pizzas have simple ingredients that result in consistent and predictable slice counts. Accordingly, the width of the slices can also impact the total count. 

Impact of Crust Variations

The crust’s thickness significantly influences the number of slices a small pizza will yield. Generally, a thin-crust pizza typically cuts into around 7 slices due to its light and airy dough. Meanwhile, a thick or Detroit-style pizza will provide approximately five substantial slices. As well, stuffed or deep-dish varieties offer 4 to 5 hearty slices.

Specialty Small Toppings

There may be a variation in the number of slices on specialty small pizzas, such as vegetarian pizzas, which may yield eight slices with the right balance of toppings and size. Similarly, smaller specialty or gourmet pizzas can range from 6 generous portions for pizza primavera to 10 nicely-sized cuts for garlic chicken alfredo. 

You can improve your predictive abilities by weighing the unique toppings and observing slice examples from different pizzas.

Custom Cutting Clinic

Some pizza shops offer customization options that allow customers to order a specific number of slices. 

Consequently, knowing the standard yields, you can request adjustments as needed. Basically, clear communication, including pictures to validate understanding, is key to mastering small pizza slicing.  

Perfect Portion Preparations

If hungry children are present, an experienced guesser will always predict a higher slice count to ensure sufficient servings. The extra slices typically result in leftovers for lunches or second helpings.

Generally, two small pizzas are sufficient for four to six people; for larger groups, three small pizzas with approximately ten slices each would be more appropriate. 

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Maximizing Number of Slices in Small Pizza: Techniques to Know Before You Place Your Order

Having a small pizza that needs to feed a crowd, creativity and strategy are required to spin those limited slices into a bounty. Here are some expert tips and tricks to turn a small pizza into an abundance of cheesy goodness.

How to Cut a Small Pizza into Equal Slices

Slicing a small pizza into perfectly equal wedges keeps pizza parties peaceful and lets everyone enjoy the same cheesy goodness. Follow these simple slicing steps for fairness across all slices:

Step 1: Measure the Pizza’s Circumference

First, you must determine the circumference of the small pizza to divide it equally. For this purpose, take a soft measuring tape and gently run it along the outermost edge of the raw pizza dough, following every curve and contour. 

Step 2: Calculate Interval Points

With the circumference figure handy, decide how many equal slices you want to cut the small pizza into – 6, 8, or 10 are common numbers. Then, divide the circumference number by your desired slice number to get the interval points for cutting. 

For example, if the circumference is 20 inches and you want 8 slices, divide 20 by 8. The interval would be every 2.5 inches.

Step 3: Mark Interval Points

Using a washable marker or knife, make small marks or ticks along the outer edge of the pizza dough at the interval points calculated earlier. After that, space them evenly to serve as cutting guides.

Step 4: Align the Cutting Knife

When cutting, ensure the knife blade faces upwards and downwards by positioning it perpendicular to the first interval mark.

Step 5: Cut Along the Marks

As you slice from the pizza’s edge straight through to the center, apply gentle, even pressure, cutting precisely along the interval points.

Step 6: Repeat for All Marks

Repeat the cutting process at each interval mark along the pizza’s circumference, using the blade to cut straight from the edge toward the center.

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Tips and Tricks for Making Many Pieces Out of a Small Pizza

When the size of the pizza limits you, practice your creativity so your guests can enjoy the maximum number of slices.

Step 1: Cut Thin Pinwheel Slices

For visual appeal, you can cut the small pizza into wafer-thin slices and arrange them on plates in a circular pinwheel pattern. Accordingly, the thinner the slices, the more pieces you can get from one small pizza.

Step 2: Offer Savory Side Items

The small pizza is best paired with other Italian starter snacks such as cheesy garlic bread, breadsticks, and Caesar salad, ensuring everyone can consume the delicious sides and pizza slices.

Step 3:  Get Personal Size Pizzas

You may order several personal pan pizzas in fun flavors like Hawaiian, four cheese, and pepperoni. That way, everyone can customize their mini pizza with their favorite toppings.

Step 4: DIY Topping Bar

Set up a pizza topping bar with protein, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces so guests can complete their slices. So, the more topping options, the more unique pizza slices you can create.

Step 5: Get Creative with Shapes

Be creative and cut the pizza into different shapes like squares, triangles, or miniature pops. Use cookie cutters to shape them into stars, hearts, or circles to make them even more delicious.

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Personalize Your Small Size Pizza: The Art of Topping Selection When Order Pizza

Making your perfect small pizza slice begins with thoughtful preparation of the toppings. Creating that cheesy masterpiece requires a little planning and creativity. Use these tips to construct your cheesy masterpiece.

Small Pizza Customization

When it comes to enjoying a small pizza, the power of customization lies in your hands. Planning your pizza toppings allows you to transform a simple pizza into a delicious masterpiece that matches your unique preferences. 

Experience Flavorful Adventures

Pizza toppings are not just an afterthought; they are the stars that enhance your dining experience. You can add various tastes, textures, and colors to your meal with a well-planned topping selection. Whether looking for classic favorites or bold, adventurous choices, the world of pizza toppings has it all.

Smart Dietary Choices

When planning your pizza toppings, you can also evaluate your dietary preferences. Gluten-free crusts and plant-based options satisfy your taste buds and nutritional requirements, regardless of your diet, allergies, or preferences.

Collaborative Toppings

Involve your friends, family, or loved ones in choosing the toppings for your pizza so that you can enjoy it together. Everyone can participate in picking their favorite ingredients to create a masterpiece that caters to everyone’s tastes. 

Bottom Line

To summarize, a small pizza generally has 6-8 slices, but the exact number depends on the pizza’s diameter, crust, and toppings. Consider pizzeria standards and compute for equal portions as a guideline for how many slices are in a small pizza. Further, you can turn small pizzas into crowd-pleasing meals by adding creative sides and toppings.


How does a small pizza differ from a medium pizza in diameter?

A small pizza typically measures 10-12 inches in diameter, whereas a medium pizza measures 14-16 inches across, providing around 20-50% more surface area.

Does a small 6-8 slice pizza feed enough people?

You can feel comfortable feeding one or two people with normal appetites with a 6 to 8-slice small pizza. Also, it is a perfect personal pizza for a quick meal or snack.

How many calories are there in a small versus a medium pizza slice?

A small pizza slice averages around 130+ calories, while a medium can be 200-300+ calories, depending on toppings. Moreover, the thicker crust and more cheese of bigger sizes pack in more calories per slice.

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