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How Many Slices in a 14 Inch Pizza? How many pizzas should I order for my family?

When ordering pizza for a party or just your family, figuring out how many people a 14-inch pizza will feed can be tricky. A pizza with a 14-inch size may be cut into different slices, so a question also comes to mind regarding how many slices in a 14 inch pizza? This depends on how the pizza is sliced. However, for proper slicing, we need to acknowledge some basic rules. Also, you can estimate the number of slices per person to plan your pizza party beforehand.

How many slices of pizza are in a 14-inch pizza so you can order the right amount for your next pizza party?

How Many Slices in a 14 Inch Pizza -Estimate slices per pizza

There are a few main ways that pizzas are sliced, and knowing these can help you estimate your pizza size:

  • Into 8 even slices: This is how 14-inch pizzas are cut. It creates 8 equal pie-shaped wedges.
  • Into 10 or 12 slices: Some pizzas are cut into thinner slices – it is common to have 10 or 12 pieces so that each person gets a smaller portion.
  • Square slices: If a 14-inch pizza is a deep dish or Sicilian style, it may be cut into square slices instead of wedges.

The number and shape of slices change how many pieces you get from one pizza.

Keep in Mind

Certain pizza brands like Big Joe’s Pizza can have large slices, so a 14-inch pizza might only get sliced into 8 big pieces. Meanwhile, Other pizza joints I’ve been to, like Slice City, cut their slices smaller, so their 14-inch pizza could have 12 or 14 tiny slices.

However, in the end, it all depends on your personal preference and the type of pizza – whether you want fewer giant slices or more smaller slices from a 14-inch pizza. More slices mean smaller portions for each person. So, to be safe, it’s better to ask the pizza maker how they cut it when you’re ordering pizza. They will know better than anyone else.

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How Many Slices Are In a 14-Inch Pizza

Figuring out how many slices per person will get is essential for ordering enough pizza. Here is a rough estimate to understand the piece of pizza for a person:

  • With 8 slices total, plan 1-2 slices per person
  • With 10 slices total, plan 1-1.5 slices per person
  • With 12 slices total, plan around 1 slice per person

Of course, appetites vary widely, especially for kids versus adults. When getting pizza, it is smart to buy one or two more pizzas than you think you need.

What Impacts the Slice Amount-How Many Pizzas to Order 

Even though 10 slices is typical, some things can affect how many slices a 14-inch pizza has:

  • Type of crust – A thicker, chewier crust may be cut into fewer slices than a thin, crispy crust. A stuffed crust pizza may have only 6 slices.
  • Number of toppings – Pizzas with lots of toppings may be cut into more slices to make the slices easier to pick up and eat. A supreme pizza could have 10 slices instead of 8.
  • Requests – Most pizza places will cut a 14-inch pizza however you like. You can request 6, 8, 10, or even 12 slices. Just ask when ordering.
  • Pizza shape – Occasionally, a 14-inch pizza may be cut into a form other than a circle, like squares or rectangles. This would change the number of slices.

Pizza Slicing Techniques

The way a pizza is sliced can impact the eating experience. Here are some standard techniques used by pizza restaurants and delivery places:

  • Wheel cutter – This circular blade cuts even, triangular slices from the center out. It ensures consistency and is fast.
  • Rocker blade – A back-and-forth rocking motion with a curved blade creates clean slices. Takes more skill than a wheel cutter.
  • Pizza shears – Large scissors that easily slice through pizza. Allows cutting customized or asymmetric sizes.
  • Hand-tossed – Experienced pizza makers can tear perfect slices with their hands. Provides a rustic, artisanal look.
  • Perforated cutter – Uses small sharp blades to perforate the pizza before slicing. Helps prevent excessive cheese pull.
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Mastering pizza-slicing techniques is an art. Everything from the blade type to the cutting motion impacts the look and feel of the slices. The next time you get a pizza, take a second to value the work done to cut it just right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 14-inch pizza good for two people?

A 14-inch pizza with 8-10 slices is typically enough for two moderately hungry adults. Two people should be able to finish a whole 14-inch pizza between them.

Is a 14-inch pizza medium or large?

A pizza that is 14 inches wide is viewed as a large pizza. 10-12 inches is generally a medium pizza, while 14 inches or greater is a large pizza.

How do you measure a 14-inch pizza?

You measure a 14-inch pizza by the diameter – the distance across the pizza from one edge to the opposite edge. A 14-inch pizza means the diameter is approximately 14 inches across.

How many 14-inch pizzas do I need for 40 people?

For 40 people, you will likely need around 5-6 14-inch pizzas. On average, 2-3 slices per person is a regular serving. With eight slices per 14-inch pizza, 5-6 pizzas for 40 people should be sufficient.

Does the number of slices vary between pizza places?

Yes, the number of slices can vary depending on the pizza shop. Some cut the pieces thicker, resulting in fewer slices, while others cut them smaller for more slices per pizza.

How many slices are typically in a 14-inch pizza?

The typical number of slices in a 14-inch pizza is either 8 or 10.  Most pizza places cut them into 8 large slices or 10 medium-sized slices.

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Slicing Pizza For Your Party – How Many Slices in a 14 inch pizza will be enough?

While the exact number of slices may vary, similar to 16 inch pizza, a 14-inch pizza typically contains 8-10 slices, depending on how it is cut. When ordering, the best method is to check with the specific pizza shop or restaurant on their slicing practices. The number of slices may be affected by factors like the style of pizza, thickness of the crust, size of the slices, and personal preference.

When ordering pizza for a group, estimate 2-3 slices per person and multiply by the number of people to determine how many whole 14-inch pizzas to order. Planning using the average slice count can help ensure you have enough – though having some extra is always wise.

At the end of the day, the amount of slices on a 14-inch pizza is merely a recommendation. Whether you end up with 8, 10, or 12, enjoying the tasty pie with family and friends matters. The goal is to bring people together over good food, not stressing over each slice being perfect. So the next time you host a pizza party, focus on the fun and don’t sweat the small stuff!

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