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How Much Pizza to Order for 20 People? How Many Pizzas do you need to Order for 20? 

If you are throwing a pizza party this weekend and looking for how much pizza to order for 20 people, here are simple tips. Look for the number of participants, their age group, portion size per person, and the type of pizza you are ordering. On average, one person can eat three slices. 

As per such calculations, 8 pizzas are enough for 20 people. But how will you know that the number of pizzas you ordered is sufficient and feed all 20 people? Keep reading to have a clear estimation before you order your pizzas. 

How Much Pizza to Order for 20 People - Pizza Gang

How much Pizza for 20 People? Estimate the slices while ordering Pizza

Before we get into the quantity one must consider for 20 people, one should know the factors to keep in mind when ordering pizzas;

  • Appetite of your guests.
  • Size of the pizza.
  • Dietary limitations of guests.

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Remember these factors as you don’t want to waste food and money. Keeping these instructions in mind, we are going to guide you on how much pizza for 20 people is enough depending on the age factor and other considerations.

Let’s have a look.

For Old People

2-3 slices are enough for a person having age above 60. Albeit, older people have a lot of dietary restrictions, so 7 large pizzas are considered enough for 20 people. 


Most large or medium pizzas are cut into 8 slices, so calculate accordingly.

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For Adults

Usually, adults eat more than old people and kids, and depending on their appetite, they can take 3 to 4 slices in one go. 8 large pizzas are enough for adults.

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For Kids

A kid can eat a maximum of 2 pizza slices in one sitting, and if you are having a mixed gathering (adults plus kids), you can order accordingly. On average, 6 large pizzas are enough for kids if the gathering is only for children.

 Additionally, if you want to order pizza for your family (big family), you can order according to the eating habits and appetite your family members have.

If you are still confused about calculating the exact number of pizzas to order for 20 people, here is the solution.

Formula to Calculate Pizza

Number of guests x 3 slices (average calculation of pizza consumption per person), then divide the answer by 8 (number of slices in a pizza) equals the number of pizzas you should order.

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Formula to calculate Pizzas for a crowd

Let us explain this further with an example. Suppose you are having 20 guests at your home to feed; multiply 20 by 3, and the answer is 60 slices total. Now, divide 60 slices by 8, and the answer is 7.5, which means you will be ordering 8 large pizzas to feed 20 people.

 How Many Pizzas are ordered for a crowd

Furthermore, if you are expecting more than 20 guests at your home, then what should you do? We have got you covered here as well.

 Here is an elaborated table to consider as we have done all the calculations for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing maths before ordering. Here you go.

Number of peoplePizza Quantity
10 people4 pizzas
15 people6 pizza
20 people7 pizzas
25 people8 pizzas
30 people9-10 pizzas
40 people13-14 pizzas
50 people16-18 pizzas

Here, we are reminding you again to remember the factors to consider (which we have discussed above) when you are ordering a pizza.

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 However, a lot of people are asking us if the pizza type ( thin crust, thick, or cheesy) affects the number of pizzas. The answer is yes, and let us tell you how.

Types Of pizzas to order

Imagine ordering 8 large deep-dish pan pizzas for 20 people. Would it be enough or plenty to order? Well, it would be more than enough to order for 20 people as deep dish pan pizzas are high in calories and heavy to eat compared to simple and traditional ones.

 Similarly, ordering 8 thin crust pizzas with normal toppings ain’t enough to feed 20 people. According to the calculations and survey, adults can eat 4-5 thin-crust pizza slices.

So, consider such considerations and calculate the number according to the formula.

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Pizza Toppings 

The toppings on a pizza are what make a pizza tasty and heavy. The major and most commonly used toppings are mushrooms, sausages, pepperoni, and cheese. If you are adding all the toppings to your pizzas, then you must order a little less to save money.

5-6 large pizzas with all the toppings and cheese feed 20 people. Apart from that, some people habitually order only small pizzas, no matter how many guests they expect.

We also have a solution for it, and we are here to help you regarding how much pizza for 20 people is enough.

How many small pizzas are enough for 20 people?

A small pizza has 4 slices, and keeping in mind the average amount of slices a person intakes, ordering 15-20 small pizzas will be enough for 20 people.

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How many medium Pizzas are enough for 20 people?

Similarly, 8-9 medium pizzas are enough for 20 people, as a medium pizza usually has 6 slices each. If you are considering multiple toppings besides cheese, then 7 medium pizzas are enough. 

Final Verdict

How much pizza for 20 people is a confusion everyone has faced the first time. Always consider ordering 8 large pizzas for 20 people when having any confusion. We hope that we have helped you solve all your ambiguities regarding ordering pizzas for a crowd.

Additionally, toppings play an important role in solving the pizza’s number. The higher the toppings you are adding, the less pizzas will suffice. The addition of cheese makes a pizza heavier and leads to less consumption. Consider these factors in mind as well before making an order.

As a thumb rule, look for the number of participants, their age group, portion size per person, and the pizza you order.


How much Pizza for 20 People?

Well, it depends upon the size, toppings, and the appetite of the consumers. But on average, 7-8 large pizzas are enough for 20 people. 

How many toppings are recommended to add?

The toppings always depend upon the personal choice and preferences of the consumer. However, we recommend opting for pepperoni, sausages, and cheese to add when ordering for a crowd. These toppings are best to quench the appetite and cravings. 

At what time should one order pizzas for 20 people?

To be on the safer side, one should order pizzas for 20 people 2 hours before their arrival. The quantity of pizzas you are ordering will take time to deliver, and you wouldn’t want your guests to wait for their food if you order after their arrival.

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