Dominos, How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza?

Dominos, How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza?

If you ever plan a group dinner, it can be tricky to accommodate different dietary preferences. But if you decide to have pizza, I recommend getting a medium-sized Domino’s. You may ask; in Dominos, How many slices in a medium pizza? Well, Medium Pizza comes with 8 slices, which provides flexibility for serving both big eaters and those with smaller appetites.

A Medium Pizza

With 8 hearty slices, a medium pizza can feed 3-4 hungry adults or about 6 average eaters.

Moreover, the generous number of slices in a Domino’s medium pizza allows you to get creative with toppings to satisfy meat lovers, vegetarians, and plain cheese fans. For example, you could do one slice each of pepperoni, sausage, cheese, veggie, Hawaiian, buffalo chicken, and other flavors. Unlike getting several whole specialty pizzas, eating different smaller slices helps avoid leftover wastage.

However, ordering small sizes limits your topping options and only allows splitting between a few people.

If you learn about the versatility of Domino’s medium pizza in catering to different preferences, you’ll better understand how to order the perfect customized pizza for your next group dinner, so let’s discuss. 

Domino’s Medium Pizza Size

Domino’s classifies their medium pizza as having a 12-inch diameter. This falls right in the middle of Domino’s pizza size range, which also includes small (10-inch), large (14-inch), and extra large (16-inch).

A Perfect Size

The 12-inch medium is a perfect size for 2-4 hungry people looking to share pizza.

Medium Pizza is large enough for multiple people while still being easily manageable for carrying and storing leftovers.

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Dominos, How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza?

The number of Slices Varies by Crust Type

The number of slices in a Domino’s medium pizza depends on the crust type you order.

Hand-Tossed Crust

Domino’s traditional hand-tossed crust results in 8 slices in a medium pizza. The hand-tossed crust is thicker and airy.

Cutting this hearty crust into 8 generous slices allows each slice to hold structure, even when loaded with toppings.

Thin Crust/Brooklyn Style

Domino’s thin-crust and Brooklyn-style pizzas are cut into 12 slices for a medium. These crusts are thinner, so cutting them into 12 slimmer slices makes the pieces easier to pick up and handle. The thin crust has more surface area for cheese and toppings in every bite.

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Customize the Number of Slices

While 8 or 12 slices are the standard, you can request extra slicing to serve more people with a medium pizza.

Domino’s will accommodate special slice requests when you order. So do ask for an extra slice cutting before the pizza goes in the oven.

The pizzas are pre-cut before delivery, so special requests need to be made upfront.

The Number Of Slices Varies Depending On The Pizza Chain

While the standard number of slices for a medium pizza is 8, different pizza chains may have variations. For example, Pizza Hut offers 10 slices, Domino’s Pizza offers 8 slices, Papa John’s provides 6 slices in a medium, and Little Caesars has 8 slices in their medium pizzas. It’s essential to check with the specific pizza chain to confirm the number of slices in their medium-sized pizza.

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2 medium pizzas vs 1 large pizza Domino

When comparing the size of a medium pizza to a large pizza, the large pizza is typically larger in diameter, usually around 14 inches, compared to 12 inches for a medium. This results in more total area for the large pizza.

A medium pizza commonly has 6-8 slices, while a large pizza has 10-12 slices. The large pizza, therefore, has around 30-50% more pizza by area and a more significant number of slices. The difference in size affects how many people each pizza can serve – a medium typically feeds 2-3 people, while a large can provide 4-6.

Advantages Of Ordering Two Medium Pizzas Instead Of One Large Pizza

Ordering two medium pizzas instead of one large pizza can have some advantages. First, you can get more variety in terms of toppings. If you are feeding a group with different preferences, having two pizzas allows you to get extra toppings on each one to please everyone.

Second, medium pizzas may be cheaper overall than large pizzas. Many pizza places offer deals on medium pizzas so that you may save money.

Finally, medium pizzas are easier to handle and serve. Large pizzas can be unwieldy and may need to fit more neatly into boxes or onto plates. With two mediums, you have more manageable pieces to serve.

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So What’s The Take Away Before You Order Next Dominos Medium Pizza

A Domino’s medium pizza contains either 8 or 12 slices, depending on if you order a hand-tossed or thin/Brooklyn-style crust. The number of slices is tailored to the crust type for perfect pizza-eating proportions. Remember these slicing specs the next time you feed your crew with Domino’s!

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Dominos How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza? – FAQS

Is there a standard formula to calculate pizza slice count?

While there isn’t a standard formula for calculating the exact number of slices in a pizza, the number of slices is typically determined by the pizza chain’s regular cutting pattern.

Can the pizza chain’s slice count affect the customer’s perception of value?

Absolutely! The slice count in a pizza can impact the customer’s perception of value. More slices may make the customer feel like they are getting more for their money, while larger slice sizes may give the impression of a substantial portion.

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How do you decide between one large pizza or two medium pizzas?

The choice between ordering one large pizza or two medium pizzas depends on your needs. A large pizza may be the way to go if you prefer a single pizza with a larger quantity. However, if you want to offer a more comprehensive selection of flavors or have different pizza preferences among the group, ordering two medium pizzas can be a great solution.

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